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10 second Resident Survey

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Residents opinions matter.

In our opinion, data is the most important piece to this entire discussion. If Edina residents want to move forward with the vision put forth the 2018 Comp Plan — then let’s do it. And if the residents would like to see a different future, then we better pump the brakes. Either way, the key to knowing the residents preference is survey data — because how will we know if we don’t ask?

Since the city isn’t asking (or listening), we are.

We Can Do Better Survey
Three Things to Know

  1. You can finish this survey in less than one minute. We intentionally kept this short and to the point. We want to hear from all Edina residents.

  2. All respondents must be an Edina Resident. Each resident may only vote one time. To enforce this, we are doing a few things - like asking for your home ZIP code and email address.

  3. Completing this survey will not sign you up for any email list, mailing or otherwise. You will not receive a single piece of correspondence from us as a result of this survey. Email addresses are used to make sure people are not voting more than once. If you would like to sign up for our mailing list, that can be done here.

Before we begin…

You might be thinking, “the city won’t listen to this survey, it’s not official” … and quite honestly, you’re probably right — heck, they don’t even listen to their own surveys. But just because the city isn’t listening, doesn’t mean we should stop listening too. There is power in numbers — your voice is important.


If you get to the Train Tracks and don’t see a poll on your screen, refresh your browser.

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Train tracks.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to listen to your opinion on the future of Edina.

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