Due to development and population growth, Edina needs two new fire stations and seven additional police officers.


August 20, 2019 City Council Work Session

  • Response Time and Station Location Study LINK

  • Consultant Presentation LINK

2018 Comprehensive Plan (Shortcut: Page 9-6) LINK


According to 2019 quality of life survey, 55% of Edina residents said they chose Edina because it is a “safe community.”


Police and Fire services get very high ratings from Edina residents (slide from 2019 Edina survey presentation).

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But increasing population, development/density, and traffic are stressing our public safety systems.

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Edina police calls increased 35% between 2016 and 2018.

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Fire Department emergency response times are an unacceptable 8-12 minutes to many parts of NE Edina, including 50th and France, Country Club, White Oaks, and Morningside.

Larger/taller buildings add to response times (p. 5 of report):

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Relocating fire station 2 and building a new fire station 3 to serve NE Edina would significantly improve response times:

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