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Our Mission

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The mission of We Can Do Better Edina is to inform and amplify issues confronting Edina’s future. In an information intense world, we want to synthesize city materials to engage our neighbors. We are a community of close to 55,000 competent residents, we don’t need a booming bureaucracy.

Edina’s a great community and we believe we can do even better!

Specifically, we can do better to:

  • More broadly engage residents to plan for the majority’s vision of the future.

  • Simplify city planning through clear consensus.

  • Respect zoning & building codes to maintain the foundation of public trust.

  • Grow a stable and permanent base of quality affordable housing.

  • Prioritize spending to align with resident concerns. Edina doesn’t have a tax revenue problem, it has a spending priority problem.

  • Recruit and elect leaders that inspire trust and a new generation of key commission members who understand and reflect the wishes of the larger community.

Let’s bring Edina residents back into the fold.

Goals of We Can Do Better Edina
Three Goals to Know

  1. Unite a network of interested, informed residents who can join together to create positive change in Edina.

  2. Reduce the population and households projections in the 2018 Comprehensive Plan.

  3. Support three candidates to run for mayor and city council in 2020.


"I feel like these kinds of developments are happening all the time, and it is always "fly by night", meaning nobody asks the community if we want this. I believe this is for a reason - the actual residents will offer a resounding "no" to these kinds of housing projects. It is not good for our already strained infrastructure and school system.”

— Concerned Resident


Our story.

In 2018, the organization, Stop The Lid, reached thousands of Edina residents through an organic neighbor-to-neighbor communication effort. Between July 2018 and November 2018, we created enough momentum to remove Grandview Green as a development priority for the City of Edina and influence the outcome of the city council election.

This grass roots process has introduced us to so many good people who identify with the feeling that the city isn’t really listening to their concerns. Dismissive statements from our leaders like, “they don’t understand” or “it’s a far term plan” only serve to make those engaged residents dig in and seek the truth.

A reading of the city’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan tells a different story. This incredibly complex process was launched by a consulting firm, Future IQ back in 2014. A series of surveys and small group sessions created a construct that the city has used to justify some very puzzling plans for our town.

The city has done a great job dividing our town into local neighborhood skirmishes. The small area plan process has been hijacked by the planning department to drive solutions that conflict with local quality of life. This concern was clearly demonstrated by the city’s 2017 Quality of Life Survey where density, overbuilding and traffic were residents’ number one concerns.

So in 2019, we’ve re-branded our efforts in a positive direction - We Can Do Better Edina.

What are we going to do? We intend to inform and amplify the city’s plans.

The 2018 Comp Plan is a 600+ page document. It’s unreasonable to expect a plurality of residents to read this detailed report. The fact that it actually supersedes zoning speaks to its incredible power.

Edina residents deserve a city that listens. Edina residents deserve a city that will grow in response to resident wants and needs, not leaders’ wants and needs. The 2008 Comp Plan began with the statement “we will grow in response to resident wants and needs.” Those words aren’t in the 2018 Comp Plan.

At stake is the city as we’ve known it. A much different future is envisioned. Once residents understand and have an opportunity to be heard, the 2020 election will be the ultimate survey about what’s best for Edina residents, businesses and guests.

We can do better.