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Good Listening Skills 

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Listening is a skill — and it can be tough. Just because you let people talk, doesn't mean you're listening. Actually listening requires active participation and a genuine attempt to understand. One of the hardest things is when people say things you don't want to hear — then listening becomes really hard.

A good technique for showing that you’re listening is repeating back what people say. A phrase like, “it sounds like what you’re saying is…” is a good place to start. Taking that a step further, good listeners will then address specific facts and topics. Poor listeners are dismissive.

When you listen well,
people felt heard.

Are Edina residents being listened to?
Three Things to know

  1. It is true, the City of Edina has provided forums for residents to speak — but letting people speak is different than listening. If the city was really listening they would focus on slowing development and improving traffic. This is what residents want.

  2. At city meetings our leaders ask for input. When people show up to provide feedback and concerns, they say we are misinformed, but don’t say what we have wrong. Please, inform us. Show us facts.

  3. The city has been divided into small areas to give an opportunity for hyper-local feedback. This was sold as a nice thing to residents. This small area feedback has been largely ignored. Turns out that smaller groups of people are easier to deal with — instead of a larger unified group.


A request… if you’re listening.

Edina is a great city full of wonderful people. When our residents are really motivated, we dig deep into a topic and bring forward facts that broaden the context. We aren’t trying to live in a time capsule and stop progress — we just want to proceed with what’s best for our community.

We hope that our effort and curiosity would be met with similar energy from city hall. We hope leadership will be curious about different points of view, explore the facts and context residents bring forward. We hope city council and planners will listen and be open to differing views — even if they lead to a different decision than the process was designed to make.

Let’s Keep Talking