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Leadership & Fiscal Responsibility

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Leadership & Fiscal Responsibility
Three Things to Know

  1. Leadership trust is earned not entitled. We elect leaders to establish policy that reflects the wants and needs of the majority. They are also charged with the fiscal oversight of city affairs. As residents become aware of the Plan’s pace of change - 33% population & 44% housing - it should come as no surprise that trust issues will arise. Trust is earned and easily lost.

  2. Edina has significantly out grown its relatively new city hall. And our police force has identified the need for 7 additional officers to address “staffing levels that haven’t changed for several decades”. What’s going on? Where are our priorities? 

  3. Rapid growth is dangerous for a city. Buildings are permanent features. Edina will face dire consequences if it even slightly fails to properly evaluate its carrying capacity (roads, sewer, water, schools, police, fire and city staff). We are concerned. Which begs the question why. Why have our council members, particularly Jim, Mike, and Kevin, pursued a building agenda that ignored the governing 2008 Comp Plan?



Grandview Green was a perfect example of city planning hubris happening in Edina. By the time residents had a voice, Edina’s planning machine had spent years of staff time and $500,000 on a concept. The 2018 Election delivered the message - we didn’t want it and stop wasting our city’s staff time and our tax dollars. That’s fiscally irresponsible.

By simple execution of its core responsibilities we can properly fund our police force, our parks, our roads and maintain our infrastructure. This is what resident’s want. The city knows this. Their bi-annual Quality of Life surveys tell the story. By ignoring their own data, they lose our trust.

We believe residents want a leadership team that listens to its residents and executes its basic responsibilities well.


Let’s elect some City Council members and a Mayor who:

    • Administer city codes, plans and policies fairly and consistently. Failure to do these basic things was the judge’s opinion in a recent lawsuit against the city.

    • Ensure safe, effective response times from properly staffed and equipped police and fire departments.

    • Trust resident opinion and don’t force change without gaining public support.

    • Build a stock of well-maintained, well-managed permanent affordable housing.


New high paid leadership positions are being created at a time when our police force has identified the need for 7 additional officers. The city won’t respond to our requests for data on staffing levels including contract employees. What’s going on? Where are our priorities?


TIF is a city subsidy that inflates property values. Why would we do this when Edina’s land values are booming? We intend to discuss this important topic in detail over the next year but the simple truth is non-TIF properties (primarily single family homes) are subsidizing the TIF district properties for city services. For decades.


The city and schools recently engaged a demographer to evaluate school population trends. Have they considered the very recent 20% increase in population forecast? How can unprecedented growth in the population of our city not impact the infrastructure and quality of an Edina Public School education?

CIRCULATE. Discuss with your neighbors. ask questions. Be engaged.

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